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JO PHAN’S READS: This Week in Fanzines

4 December 2017 Added the second issue of TAFF News (for the 2018 TAFF race) to the TAFF page
4 December 2017 Added Leybl Botwinik’s CyberCozen – December 2017
4 December 2017 Added Guy H. Lillian III’s Spartacus #23
4 December 2017 Added NFFF’s Ionisphere #8
4 December 2017 Added Journey Planet #35, edited by Chris Garcia, James Bacon, Steven H Silver
4 December 2017 Added Opuntia #399 and archive issues 46.5D, 47, edited by Dale Speirs
4 December 2017 Added Tim Bolgeo’s The Revenge of Hump Day, 29 November


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Note:  Major updates at FANAC, including the Claude Degler story!

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