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AMAZING NEWS: 12-17-2017


Nice People….(via Jackie Wolfson)

Trump Must Have Had Someone Read Parts of 1984 to Him (or “if you close your eyes, everyone else disappears”)

When the Guy Who Invented It Tells You You Are An Idiot, Listen


Wheaton Crushers Star Wars Premiere

Burroughs Illustrater Interviewed

2018 Golden Globe Noms

Bad Lip Reading:  Stranger Things

SF TV Show from Brigham Young University (and Card He’ped)

SW Tribute to Carrie Fisher


Harlan Ellison’s Youtube Channel

Haffner Press Announces Captain Future Volume Four

T-Rex Time Machine on Sale

Arthur Clarke at 100

The Robert E. Howard Guide book Coming Soon


8 Planet Solar System Discovered (no, it’s not Voyager looking back)

ALL of Kepler’s Solar System Discoveries

The Future of Asteroid Mining

Mars 360

Makes Sense:  Study Something as it LEAVES the Solar System


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