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AMAZING NEWS: 11/12/2017


Trevor Noah on Louis C.K.

Why Victims Don’t Speak Out

Sexism on Cable News


Free Speech vs Employment-at-Will:  Biking Finger Flicker Fired

Except for Trump’s America, the WHOLE WORLD Signs on to Paris Climate Agreement

The Black Person’s Guide to The Walking Dead (via Petrea Mitchell)

What Are You Really Saying When You Critique Quality? (via Pretty Terrible)

House Speaker Claims “Prayer Works” (NOT!  Trump is STILL President)

Facebook is Listening.  So is your phone, your tablet, your tv….also Facebook Wants Your Nude Selfies

George Takei AccusedGeorge Takei Responds   and, unfortunately, the latest


Cardboard in 1931 Dracula Production Driving Viewers in 2017 Nuts

Walking Dead Could Be Heading for a Shocker

Comics for Introverts

Perfect Strangers & Stranger Things Mashup

Transformers – Titans Return Trailer

Mark Wheatley Illustrating ERB

Excellent Interview with Mark Hamill

The Shape of Water Trailer


Post-Human Capitalism

What Marvel Loses, DC Gains

Disney Talking About Acquiring Fox

Amazon Planning on LoTR Series

SFWA November Market Report

Sinclair Media Works on Creating Largest Local News Propaganda Network (owns Comet TV, fyi)

District of Wonders Patreon Campaign (StarShipSofa)

Alexei Panshin on Sufism and Science Fiction

Not To Be Outdone by CBS & Star Trek, Disney Plans on Taking Star Wars to Subscription Service

Nick Harkaway on his Latest

MacMIllan Shutters Heroes & Heartbreakers


Solar System’s First Verified Intergalactic Visitor Caught on Tape

Old Cells Rejuvenated

Water Bears Innnn Spaaaaaaace!

New Great Ape Discovered…May Not Be Around for Much Longer

New Giant Bugs Discovered – they’re AGGRESSIVE!

Wolves Work Together, Dogs Wait for Dinner

11 Billion Year Old Spiral Galaxy Discovered – Oldest Known (think anyone there has their own Creation Science Museum?)

Most Time in Space by US Citizen Record Held by Female Astronaut

DVD of Names, including William Shatner (and me) Heading for Mars

Here’s How We’ll Find Life on Europa (Monoliths won’t be helping)

Impossibly Giant World Discovered (via Guido Eekhaut)

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