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AMAZING NEWS: 10-22-2017

NOTE:  Tonight, the 8th season opener and 100th episode of The Walking Dead.  (If you’re still watching.)


The First SJW Credential in Space was Named Felicette

CA Bans Pet Store Sales of Mill-Born Animals

Book Banning in School, Again

DA Used Fake Subpoenas to Entrap

Felicia & Leonard Bernstein Took a Knee for the Black Panthers

Southwest Airlines Has First All-Female Crew Flight (and what year is it?)


ST: Discovery Fan Comment Bingo

Movie World Maps

Jimmy Fallon on Trump’s Space Program

Treehouse of Horror 27!

The Walking Dead Season 8 Opener

The Shape of Water Poster

Review:  Amazing Stories November 1962


StarShipSofa/District of Wonders Anthology Lands

Julian May:  In Memoriam 

Milt Stevens Commemorated

Judge Green Broke Up AT&T:  What About Google, and Amazon and Facebook?

DSP Publications Offers Interview and Giveaway

BSF’s Cyber-Punk-Funk Project Reaches Second Stretch Goal

History of SFWA:  Part 1

Sunburst Awards


Steve – the aerial phenomena that is not an aurora

Neutron Stars Can Collide, LIGO Has Proof

Phobos Close Up

Is That A Snake In Your Mouth Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Light From Gravity Waves Detected

Sabertooth-like Cat Was Contemporary With Humans

Great Spots for Stargazing

Oh Noes!  I May Not Have What I Think I Have

Orionids Have Peaked, But You Can Still Catch Some of the Show

Giant Lava Tube on the Moon Could Become a Habitat

A Star Older Than The Universe

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