Gary Dalkin explores some of the antecedents of The Matrix and Inception and wonders why some fans insist on creating their own virtually real rivalries between iconic genre titles.
The Mirror of Our Dreams

The Mirror of Our Dreams

There is a curious phenomenon not exclusive to science fiction fandom, it is prevalent in pop music worship and other places, by which those afflicted feel a need to establish rivalries. The Star Wars fan who vociferously attacks all things Star Trek... Read More »

The Year’s Worst Movies – 2012

My ten best (or ten favorites) is up at North Shore Movies, where my reviews regularly appear:… However I also like to unload on the worst or most overrated movies I had to suffer through over the course of ... Read More »

Amelia by Frank Lucatuorto

Amelia: A Short Film by Frank Lucatuorto We love mad scientists. We always have. It’s arguable that the Dark Ages tradition of the Evil Wizard is the earliest form of the Mad Scientist, only they didn’t have science to hang the idea on ye... Read More »

Hollywood loves “remakes.” Sometimes Hardcore Fans Don’t

The funny thing about movies is that liking or disliking them can become as political a process as anything else.  In fact, sometimes I get a pretty strong sense of whether a movie will do well not only before I have seen it, but before anyone has se... Read More »

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